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REC Ref: 12/LO/0393 EudraCT: 2011-005606-30 Clinical Trials Gov NCT01712945 Full Title: Keratinocyte Growth Factor - promoting thymic reconstitution and preventing autoimmunity after alemtuzumab Campath-1H) treatment of multiple sclerosis. Short Title: CAM-THY Funding:       Medical research Council and the Moulton Foundation EU Clinical Trials Register

What is the rationale of the “CAM-THY” trial?

We have shown that lymphocyte reconstitution after alemtuzumab is via expansion of peripheral lymphocytes. We are testing whether promotion of thymic reconstitution will prevent autoimmunity. We are using human recombinant keratincoyte growth factor, which is marketed as Palifermin as a treatment of stomatitis associated with chemotherapy. In animals, it effectively promote thymic lymphopoeisis.

Inclusion criteria

age 18-50 relapsing-remitting mutiple sclerosis, within ten years of the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis, EDSS 5.5 or less at least 2 clinical episodes of MS in the previous 2 years, which may have occurred whilst on disease-modifying therapy.

Patient Information Sheet

Patient Information Sheet [Provided here for your reference only. NRES Hampstead has allowed us to publish a downloadable version of this patient infomation sheet on the patient pages of this website.]

To refer a patient:

Dr Alasdair Coles CAMTHY trial Neurology Department Box 165 Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge CB2 2QQ or ajc1020@medschl.cam.ac.uk
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A new clinical trial of alemtuzumab