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Weekly neuroimmunology clinic Amanda Cox, Joanne Jones, Mike Zandi, Alasdair Coles in collaboration with David Jayne, Lisa Willcox and Rachel Jones Since Martin Lockwood’s pioneering studies into systemic vasculitis at Addenbrooke’s in the 1980s and 1990s, the hospital has had a strong clinical research programme in vasculitis and its treatment. This is currently run by David Jayne. Neil Scolding, now at Bristol, was the first neurologist to be involved in this work. Now, we have a weekly clinic, led by Amanda Cox, specifically for people with neuroimmunological diseases, like neuromyelitis optica and neurological complications of systemic vasculitis. The main point of contact for people in our clinic is our new nurse, Michael Cumberbatch. Information on our neuroimmunology service is available here.

The immunology of head injury

Amy Krepska in collaboration with David Menon Following Amanda Cox’s pilot study we are now investigating whether people with a head injury develop immune responses against brain tissue, and whether this promotes or hinders brain repair.

The immunology of psychosis

Mike Zandi, Amanda Cox in collaboration with Belinda Lennox and Angela Vincent Funded with a Medical Research Council grant to Dr Lennox Following Mike Zandi and Belinda Lennox’s discovery of anti-neuronal antibodies in people with first-episode pscyhosis we are running a monthly clinic for these patients in which neuroimmunologists and psychiatrists collect clinical, cognitive and serological data. We are systematically collecting our experience of immunotherapy of first- episode psychosis associated with anti-neuronal antibodies.
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