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Useful links

For people with multiple sclerosis

We endorse the material found on the MS Society website. Equally good is the MS Trust website Shift MS is a social network site for people with MS. A blog on MS research from colleagues in London One person’s experience with alemtuzumab and here another.

Clinical research in multiple sclerosis

MS Discovery forum, a newsy research website for professionals. Meetings/societies: ECTRIMS, AAN, ABN, ISNI Treatment guidelines: ABN, NICE Clinical trials listings in US and global

Research Tools

On-line multiple sclerosis GWAS

PubMed single citation finder.

Meetings/societies: ECTRIMS, AAN, ABN, ISNI Google scholar  Gene expression omnibus Immunological gene expression Useful Cambridge sites Department of Clinical Neurosciences E-journals at Cambridge The Cambridge Bioresource site.
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