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Amanda Cox, 2001-4 did her PhD on reconstitution after alemtuzumab. Now a consultant neurologist in Cambridge
Vicki Robinson postdoc and now teacher and Ben Wright  now a neurology trainee.
Ingunn Bjornson 2002-2011 our EDSS assessor throughout the CAMMS trials, now a Cambridge GP.
Andrew Lin 2007-8 a medical student from melbourne.
Jackie Shawcross  1995-2007, the pioneering nurse, who worked on Campath from its start.
Ben Simpson who started the SM3 trial, who is in London doing research
Sheila Skidmore our clinical nurse for a year
Claire McCarthy did her PhD from 2008- 11, ran the CAMVAC trial, now a neurology trainee.
Jen Sommerfield 2006-8, ran the SM3 trial, now a New Zealand neurologist.
Mike Zandi did his PhD on the immunology of lupus & psychosis from 2008-2011, now a neurology trainee.
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Previous Group Members

Emmanuelle le Page spent one year with us, now a neurologist in Rennes.
Allison Curry 2009- 2012, post-doc immunologist.
Lisa Costello a neurologist spending a year with us before being a consultant in Ireland.
Violaine Denys spent one year with us, now a neurologist in France
Suzanne Moseley,  a PhD student, joint with Robin Franklin, now with Medimmune
Tom Button, a clinical PhD student, performed MRI studies of alemtuzumab and investigated one of the MS GWAS SNPs. Now a clinical trainee.
Helen Dolling,  from 2010 our clinical trials coordinator. Still working in the department, with Prof Sawcer.
Orla Tuohy, a clinical PhD student, completed the CAMVAC study and long-term follow-up of alemtuzumab patients. Back in neurology training.