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Spirituality of people with neurological diseases The Neurology of Religion: an observational study of neurological disease and spirituality. REC reference: 12/EE/0456 IRAS project ID: 104322 Clare Redfern in collaboration with the Faraday Institute Funded by the Templeton Foundation We are investigating the spiritual profile of people with neurological diseases to define the anatomical pathways that subserve different components of the religious life.

Material on neurology of religion

Alasdair is an associate of the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion. He has produced some material on the neurology of religion, of which recent ones include: Contributions to the “Test of Faith” website and CD: here A book review on “neurotheology” (2008) can be read here A lecture on imaging of the religious brain (October 2010) here Listen to a panel discusison of free will (March 2012) here Text for a lecture on mystical seizures (2014): here

Faith and Medicine Conference

The 2014 Diocese of Ely Annual Celebration of Healing and Wholeness takes place on Saturday 18th October 2014, Addenbrooke’s Hospital. This year then topic is: Faith and Medicine Please see here for more details.
YOUR HEADING TEXT Alasdair Coles, Joanne Jones and Alastair Compston Cambridge Neuroimmunology

Neurology of religion