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What is the “CAM-THY” trial?

The purpose of this trial is to try and prevent side effects of alemtuzumab - a drug which has been tested in clinical trials as a treatment of multiple sclerosis.   Although alemtuzumab is an effective treatment of multiple sclerosis, it has side effects, in particular 1 in 3 patients develop a new autoimmune disease after treatment. In other words, as their immune system grows back, it begins to attack other parts of their body; most commonly the thyroid gland. We believe that we can reduce the risk of autoimmune disease after treatment with alemtuzumab by using a drug which alters the way in which the immune system grows back. Kepivance (also known as Palifermin) has been shown to do this in animals. It works by boosting the function of the thymus, a gland in the neck which makes new immune cells. This study is testing whether or not Kepivance will boost thymus function in humans.

Who will be recruited to the trial?

We are looking for people with relapsing-remitting mutiple sclerosis, within ten years of the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis, who can walk without aids and who have had at least 2 clinical episodes of MS in the previous 2 years. These relapses may have occurred whilst on disease-modifying therapy.

What is happening on the trial?

Because we don’t know for certain that Kepivance will prevent autoimmunity after alemtuzumab treatment, half of all patients in this study will be assigned to receive Kepivance and the other half will be assigned to receive a "dummy drug", called a placebo. It looks the same as the Kepivance treatment but does not contain any of the active ingredients and will have no effect on you. This process will done in a random way (by chance) - much like flipping a coin. You will have a 50% chance of receiving Kepivance. All people will be treated with alemtuzumab. Both alemtuzumab and Kepivance have side- effects, some of which are serious.

More details can be found here

Patient Information Sheet

How can I be considered for the trial?

Please discuss this trial with your GP or neurologist. If together you decide it would be appropriate to be considered, please ask them to refer you to: Dr Alasdair Coles CAMTHY trial Neurology Department Box 165 Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge CB2 2QQ
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A new clinical trial of alemtuzumab

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