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Alemtuzumab in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis We are no longer recruiting for a trial of alemtuzumab and palifermin, called the “CAMTHY” trial. For more details, see here. Trial of anti-IL7 R in multiple sclerosis stopped The genetic studies in multiple sclerosis found that variations in the gene controlloing the “interleukin 7 receptor” give a high or low risk of developing multiple sclerosis. We were working in collaboration with GSK to test an antibody against this receptor as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. Very sadly, this trial had to be stopped - before anyone with MS had received the drug - because some of the original data produced by GSK employees turned out to be fradulent. Preventing progressive multiple sclerosis We are committed to research on people with multiple sclerosis. We are very keen to start a trial of a new drug, called bexarotene, following the exciting experimental work of Prof Robin Franklin in Cambridge. This drug has the potential to promote remyelination. We will post details of recruitment here when we can. This is nearly ready to go.
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Clinical Trials in Cambridge for MS