Features of admission to a medical school, or How to become a doctor?

Where to start and what to be ready for?

To become a doctor, you will have to study long and hard. This is at least 5-6 years at the institute and another 2 years in residency to obtain a narrow specialization. The academic load is much higher than in regular universities – you will have to study a large number of specialized disciplines.

Before entering honey, decide whether this profession is suitable for you or not. It needs a certain set of personal qualities and skills:

Features of admission to a medical school, or How to become a doctor?
  • Ability to communicate and listen. You will have to contact a lot of people. You need to find an approach to everyone. You need to be able not only to ask questions correctly, but also to listen.
  • Patience and resistance to stress. Patients are different, sometimes their behavior can be rude and inappropriate. You need to be able to stay calm in any situation.
  • Courage and negligence. Even if you are not going to be a surgeon, you still have to become familiar with the anatomy of the human body. At the university, you will have an excursion to the morgue, not everyone can withstand it. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of blood, pus, etc.
  • Good memory and ability to organize data. A large amount of information awaits you, and not only at the university. Medicine does not stand still, you have to study something all the time, know regulations and instructions, read specialized literature.
  • Decisiveness and responsibility for decisions. You will have to make decisions that will affect someone’s life.
  • Mindfulness and observation. You will need to react quickly and in a timely manner to any changes in the patient’s condition, not to overlook important details when making a diagnosis.
  • Also, be prepared for low pay, especially early in your career. After graduation, you will most likely have to work as an ordinary doctor in a regular clinic or hospital. The Ministry of Health is preparing a bill according to which a graduate will not be able to work in a private medical center for several years after graduation. So they plan to solve the problem of staff shortage in state institutions.

Features of training at a medical university

Features of admission to a medical school, or How to become a doctor?

If you are in college, it’s early to relax. Get ready for hard study and lack of free time. Practice shows that a large number of students drop out after the first session.

In the last courses, you will receive more in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the chosen direction. You will have access to patients as a physician assistant. There is even the opportunity to get a job as a medical assistant, orderly or nurse. At the end of the training, you will have an internship in a hospital or clinic.

Is medicine mine?

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  • Take career counseling tests. With their help, find out if you have the qualities you need to work as a doctor.
  • Learn medicine from the inside out. Nowadays, many doctors have blogs and YouTube channels where they tell and show their activities. This way you can get useful information, see operations and other medical procedures, and ask questions. Here, for example, you can see how famous surgeons perform operations, and this is a medical portal that contains a lot of useful information for doctors and students of medical universities.
  • Chat with former and current medical students. This can be done on thematic forums, in social networking communities, at open days. Ask about the learning process, employment and other important points.
  • Visit anatomical museums. There you can see human organs in special solutions, various anomalies and pathologies, the results of diseases, etc. This will be a test for fear and disgust.